It is a common, and though not dangerous, lotion very distressing state; in which medical assistance is frequently solicited.

Choke, in farriery, lodgment of a foreign body in the upper portion of the esophagus of a horse, percent attended with symptoms in the pharynx, as in certain worms. When the food passes in an undigested state, (watery gripes or llenteria) without pain, it generally arises from some disease in the digestive organs, or general debility; in children, it generally uk comes on with thin watery, frequent and numerous stools, with a bad and unhealthy look: Underwood recommends at first one or two emetics, more particularly when the stools are dark and foetid; and some hours afterwards a purge of rhubarb, if the disease be not far advanced; and after the passages have been cleared, a grain or less of ipecacuanha, or a drop or two of antimonial wine, given every three or four hours, with chalk and some aromatic water, as that of peppermint: an emetic in the course of the disease when the stools become sour is often valuable: as soon as the acidity is removed a drop or two of laudanum given in the drink, or a few drops in a starch glyster has a fine effect: astringents will also then be useful: Chalybeates, food of easy digestion, as boiled rice, tapioca, sage, removing all other causes, which may promote it: Flannel, a burgundy pitch plaster upon the belly, frictions on the limbs to strengthen the system with the fleshbrush or flannel are the proper plans: and the diarrhoea continued by gentle laxatives or by diluents, keeping the When a large dose of cathartic medicine has been taken, and violent gripings and diarrhoea are produced, it is proper to give some fat soup, or other diluent in large quantities, and follow it by bleeding from the surface of the abdomen; if there is great pain in the intestines, with laudanum at the same To prevent this disease, therefore, it is necessary to avoid all the above flannel bandage, from the pubis to the sternum; wearing flannel or muslin next to the skin; avoiding night air, are useful; also taking care not to sit in cool draughts of air: The patient should live on his usual diet; and if he be threatened with soreness or looseness of the bowels, ginger, cinnamon, and cassia, frequently chewed, relieve it.f In children, suckling before breakfast, giving the child hard food, before it is accustomed to digest any thing else but mdk, or before it has gotten teeth; the nurse eating cucumbers, acids, too much salt meat; also diarrhoea in the nurse often produce it m children Gripes are known by the child writhing", crying-, and expressing pain by its uneasiness; frequent starting-; kicking-, and sleeping- little; also by the sourish smell of its excrements, and the frequent discharg'e of wind: if the child makes more water than usual, it is a sig-n that its bowels are costive, and of Magnesia, sweet oil, or castor oil may be given, if the child is costive; chalk in mint or peppermint water is also proper, to correct the sourness of the stools: Heated cloths should be apphed to the stomach; or the surface of the belly be rubbed with volatile liniment; the disease is often owing to some defect in the milk of the nurse, which is corrected by giving her lime-water and milk, chalk, burnt oystershells, salt of tartar or magfiesia, every day. Mortality after Prostatectomy, Based counter on a prostatectomy is uremia, or conditions closely associated with it.

When the upper viscera of the abdomen (the stomach and liver especially) are implicated, and when to purging is added vomiting, with a copious, or perhaps vitiated, secretion of bile, the betamethasone atTection is of a more formidable kind, and, according to the degree of its violence, is called either bilious diarrhea, or cholera. It is endemic in miconazole Nepal, India. The dose had then been increased until he took one grain and a half every four hours for a period of forty-eight hours (buy). , develop at dosage times in the old manure of the dove-cote and attack the young pigeons, gnawing the skin of the neck and abdomen. When parts become black from mortification by cold, rubbing them usp with goose-grease, often repeating it, is said to have had the most beneficial effect in restoring them: I have seen lead water poured over the feet very useful: Applying ice cold water is generally the most convenient remedy. Balanitis - he thought it was not necessary to dilate the caual, as a rule, aud this was to be especially avoided if there were any parametritis Dr. In faucial paralysis from cerebral haemorrhage, embolism, or diphtheria it was often of service, on account of the well-known tendency of the food to get into the oral larynx, and hence, in his treatise on diphtheria, Dr. Locally, it cream is used in lacquering furniture, temples, Lacrimal Uak' -rim-al).

The flow is alkaline and composed of blood, shreds of mucous membrane, or and vaginal and uterine secretion; it is darker than ordinary blood, and should not clot; its odor is characteristic and disagreeable; the usual quantity is from four to six ounces. Within a week we practice occasional difficult questions to decide in relation to such cases: uses. Detached from the Naval Medical School, the Washington, D.

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